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We are known to be producers of one of the highest quality Coarse Feed ranges in the country, using the best quality ingredients and formulations to reach perfection. We also have access to a network of Bulk & Bagged Animal Feed Suppliers through the BATA Group.

Not only are we suppliers of feed, we stock and sell a large range of Agricultural products such as; Livestock Equipment, Minerals, Seeds, Pest Control, Net & Wrap, Animal Health Products, Pet Feeds and much more.



We pride ourselves on the quality of the feed that we supply, especially our Cattle Feed Range which are highly palatable and rich in nutrients to encourage top performance milk yield, milk quality, cow health and fertility.


Our Cattle Feed range gives your Cow or Calf one of the most efficient and healthy diet available.  

Available in bags or bulk

Coarse Mix Feeds

Our Pro-Mix coarse feed range are specially designed to be highly palatable and digestible ideal for young, pedigree and show livestock.


With high levels of extremely palatable materials such as flaked peas, maize and beans and cooked flaked barley these diets promote intakes in order to maximise daily liveweight gains. 

Available in bags or bulk

Layers Feed

We are able to supply a range of high-performance compound feeds designed for rearing and laying hens, we can also supply highly palatable Layers Pellets and Mash which can be fed to flocks of mixed ages.



We supply a versatile range of high quality pig feeds designed for commercial and traditional pig breeds.  We work hard to constantly review our feeds to meet the latest developments in pig genetics to achieve the performance needed for today’s challenging markets.

Available in bags or bulk

Sheep & Goat Feeds

We supply a wide range of sheep feeds that are designed to maximise ewe productivity and ensure lambs grow strong and healthy with ideal growth rates.  


Renowned for their exceptional high standards of nutrition and excellent palatability, the ewe and lamb feeds that we supply are manufactured to exacting physical quality standards in UFAS approved mills.

Premium goat feeds are also available.

Available in bags or bulk

Other Products

As well as supplying some of the highest quality compounds feeds available and one of the best Coarse Feeds on the market.


We also supply a huge range of agricultural related products to help every farm, if you don't run a farm and simply needs a pet product or a pair of boots then we've got it covered.

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