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As well as supplying some of the highest quality compounds feeds available and one of the best Coarse Feeds on the market.


We also supply a huge range of agricultural related products to help every farm, if you don't run a farm and simply needs a pet product or a pair of boots then we've got it covered.

Why not check out our departments below...


Health Products

We have staff in our Country Store and out on the road, who are available to give advice on Animal Health products for Cattle, Sheep, Poultry or Equine. We can advise on anything from Nutrition to Worming and Flea Control. We stock many recognised brands within the animal health industry including Elanco, Zoetis, Boehringer, Ingelheim, Bimeda, Provita, Nettex, Agrihealth and Boluses. So for any help or advice, don’t hesitate to call into our store!

Clothing & Footwear

Our SWLF Country Store stocks a core range of Clothing that ranges from Coats, Shirts, Jackets, Jumpers, Waterproofs and even Socks!

These pieces of clothing come from our trust suppliers which includes Castle Clothing.

Not only do we stock clothing but footwear too, this range includes Wellingtons, Safety Boots and Non-Safety Boots. With our suppliers for these ranges being Buckler, Bogs, Dickies, Dunlop, Grubs, Nora and Seals.

Equestrian Supplies

A comprehensive range of Equestrian products and suppliers are available from our country store such as Dengie, Hilton Mixtures, Lickits, NAF Supplements, Horslyx, Global Herbs, Pure Feeds, Gold Label, Spillers, Gallop Rugs and much more in-store.

We even stock our very own SWLF Horse Coarse Feeds.

If you'd like any further information on our horse feed range, please contact our Country Store on: 01695 713301

Fencing & Gates

Whether it is for farming use, small holdings or equestrian supplies, we sell a range of fencing and gates for all your needs. We stocks wood & metal field gates, post and rail fencing, wooden fencing posts for stock fencing and steel fencing wires. We pride ourselves in stocking high quality fencing and gates from the leading suppliers in this field and if we don’t have your requirements in-store, please contact our enquiries team on: 01695 724331

Grain Trading

Through our grain trading sector we are able to buy bulk commodities such as Grain, Wheat, Barley or Oats.

We will deal with those who are assured or non-assured and can buy such commodities at the most competitive prices.

Grass Seed

We have a large range of grass seeds available that are sourced through our network of suppliers.

This range includes our very own range of SWLF Grass Seed.

Household Products

We supply a range of domestic household products from leading brands. From washing powder supplied by Persil, Ariel, Fairy and Comfort to household cleaning products supplied by Flash, Domestos and Cif.

We also stock hand and dishwasher products from Fairy & Finish, along with

Andrex Loo and kitchen roll. Coal, logs, kindling and smokeless fuels are also stocked to keep your house toasty & warm.

Livestock Equipment

Our range of livestock equipment will suit any farming needs. With supporting farmers in the forefront of our mission, we pride ourselves in only stocking top quality livestock equipment.

Our two main suppliers are Ritchie and IAE who supply us with cattle crushes, dehorners, combi clamps, feeders, hurdles, calving gates and lamb adopters.

Mineral Blocks & Buckets

Minerals are an essential part of Cattle & Sheep diets, which is why we stock some of the best products available from suppliers such as Rumenco, Caltech/Crystalyx, Tithebarn and Rockies.

We have any block that you need for all situations.

Netwrap, Silage & Twine

Our range of Netwrap, Silage & Twines includes products that are suitable for all round and square balers.

The range we can supply covers an extensive selection of products from suppliers such as: Piippo, Country, Volac.

For further information on products specifics please contact our enquiries team on: 01695 724331

Pest Control

A comprehensive range of traps are available for both live catch and kill. Traps stocked include rat, mouse, mole & rabbit.

We stock rat and mouse baits including Country, Neosorexa, Tomcat and Bayer. All three types of active poison are stocked through the brands these are Difenacoum, Bromadiolone and Brodifacoum.

Loose baits, sachets and blocks are all available in pack sizes from 20g for the domestic market up to 20Kg for the registered user.

Pet Food,

Beds, Toys & Leads

Whether it’s for your Dog, Cat, Rabbit or Guinea Pig, we’ll have something for you. Our Country Store stocks a large selection of pet products ranging from feeds, beds, toys, leads and accessories.

We pride ourselves in offering quality products at a competitive price. Our broad range of brands allows you to choose the best products to suit your pet: Skinners, Burgess ,Country Dog & Cat food, Petface, Dr Johns, Ancol.

Seed & Fertiliser

At SWLF we offer professional advice and support to our customers along with a comprehensive range of crop related products. In field and technical support is on hand with members of our team who are FACTS qualified to offer advice where requested.

A full range of Cereal Seeds is available through wholesale seed markets to provide you with even the most specific varieties.

We have a full range of Fertilisers at our disposal from YARA Compounds to blended fertilisers.

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